vika: i am a simple woman with a big heart,

female, 25 y/o, acapulco, Mexico

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  • 10 Jan 2017 at 05:53am
    Hi! Vika. I saw ur picture and post and pick so much interest in you cos i have been looking for a woman of your type. Please email me on Let relate better. Thanks
  • 9 Jan 2017 at 04:57pm
    my name
    is James, i like you please contact
    me on this email
    so that we get to know each
    other better
  • 9 Jan 2017 at 04:14pm
    Hello dear!
    How are you?
  • 9 Jan 2017 at 02:53pm
    I so love ur qualities vika. Think we are a match? Can u inbox me ur contact let's talk and see how it goes
  • 9 Jan 2017 at 02:37pm

    i am a simple woman with a big heart, i have much love and care to give and i would like a man who is willing to give same